Dansk Maskinproduktion ApS
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Dansk Maskinproduktion ApS
Mølbakvej 11, DK-8520 Lystrup
Tlf.: +45 86 22 31 00
E-mail: info(at)maskinproduktion.dk

Projects and total solutions

At Dansk Maskinproduktion, we are experienced in project development, all the way from the initial stages of development and the production of 3D drawings, to the patterns and processing, the manufacture of pattern equipment for casting, and the casting and metalworking itself.

We co-operate with foundries who can supply cast iron in the qualities: Ductile iron EN GJS350 - EN GJS800, Grey iron EN GJL200 - EN GJL350. Maximum piece weight: 3,500 kg.

At Dansk Maskinproduktion, we work every day with components which require international class certificates, so we have the necessary document management systems and restamping approvals to be able to handle this kind of task.